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Marvel's Anti Static Flooring is manufactured using latest calendaring technology with high class conductive materials and suitable amount of special purpose additives,pigments, lubricants, plasticizers and stabilizers. Anti-Static vinyl flooring removes, controls and prevents accumalation of static charge to prevent fire and system failures. Our anti static complies with the requirements of the widely used material specifications of PVC vinyl flooring like IS and IEC. Anti static being specialized flooring, Marvel has been the leader in this field as we have mastered Ant-Static formulation with the support of our technical overseas partners.

Marvel's Anti Static Flooring comes in 2 layer and 3 layer construction.

PVC Flooring Thickness and Width Ranges
Thickness Range : 2.00mm to 3.00mm
Width Range : Upto 2 Meters
Length : As per customer requirement
Textures available (Embossings)
Top : Box and Suede
Bottom : Plain, mat and Deep embossing
Colour :

Spectrum blue, Ash grey, Green, Maroon, ass per customer requirement

Anti Static Flooring Covering Manufacturer Catalogue
Anti Static Flooring mat


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