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Marvel’s Anti Stat is suitable for the purposes of controlling the accumulation, generation and dissipation of static charges. It keeps you safe from fires and system failures caused due to static charges generated on the floor and is manufactured using the latest calendaring technology with high class conductive materials and suitable amounts of special purpose additives. Marvel's Anti Stat complies with the requirements of the widely used material specifications like ISO, RDSO specn. No.C 8515 Rev.2, IS 3462/1986. and has mastered in Anti Static formulation and technology by way of making continuous investments towards the development of this product.

Thickness and Width Ranges
Thickness Range : 1.5 mm to 2.00 mm
Width Range : Upto 2 Meters
Length : As per customer requirement
Layer : 2 or 3 layers
Textures available (Embossings)
Top : Box & Suede
Bottom : Plain, mat Deep & embossing
Colour : Spectrum blue, Ash grey, Green, Maroon As per customer requirement
S.No Characteristics Units Test Method Specified value
01 Total thickness MM IS:3462/1986 2.00 + 0.13mm
02 Width MM IS:3462/1986 94
03 Weight G/m2 IS:3462/1986 3600+ 100
04 Flexibility IS:3462/1986 No crack or show any other sign of failure
05 Dimensional stability IS:3462/1986 0.4% Max
06 Color fastness to day light IS:3462/1986 Shall be rated not less then standard 4
07 Curling MM IS:3462/1986 0.75 mm
08 Chemical resistance MM IS:3462/1986 After immersion width shall not exceed 2.00 mm
09 Residual indentation Kn/m IS:3464/1986 1.05
10 Residual indentation MM IS:3464/1986 0.10 mm
11 Elastic products MJ/M3 IS:3464/1986 2 MJ/M3
12 Heat aging and exudation No exudation of plasticizer apparent and nor shell there be in change in appearance. The mandrel test shall not produce surface cracking
13 Abrasion resistance IS:9352 0.35
14 Water absorption % IS:3464/1986 0.40%
15 Electrical resistance Ohms BS:2078 Less then 109


Controlling dissipation of static charge. Absence of Anti‐Stat can lead to loss of data, malfunctioning of sensitive electronic equipments.


Marvel Anti Stat is the perfect choice for manufacturing units for several electronic equipments, computer rooms, healthcare units, research laboratories, telecommunication towers, radar stations, EDP units, and so on.

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