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Luxurious Budgetary PVC Vinyl Flooring for all Applications

If one thinks of household or commercial interior space decoration, PVC Vinyl Flooring is one of the first thing in minds. This also leads to scope for multiple pvc flooring manufacturers. But it is important to have a choice of right selection of floor covering as per your pockets.

Flooring strikes definite edge over other options in terms of value and variety for all the segments & desired application of the buyers. Actually there are wide options based on your taste & selection. PVC Flooring can suit elite & royal and same time do justice for the budgetary & economical.

For example heavy duty printed pvc floor covering, which we at Marvel Vinyls Limited have named as Delight Floor gives you feel of hardwood and superior features. On the other hand Marvel Vinyls offers wide range of PVC Printed Flooring to select from, under the Art Floor range for household or shop floor.

The special flooring requirements which call for heavy traffic movement like schools, hospitals, offices, banks, etc. & we have a solution to offer with brand Endura Floor, a heavy duty flexible pvc vinyl flooring , which is also available as tiles & in long lengths. Ease of installation is one feature which sets our make flooring apart.

If you are wondering what among these would be appropriate for slippery surfaces like your garden, kids play area or the washroom. You are at right place, we have something called antiskid floorings to suit these application.

Some other common Industrial products like Auto Mat, Anti Static Flooring, Anti Shock Flooring, are also covered by us.

You just dream of a design, a color or even a unique feature & Marvel Vinyls Ltd. with its R&D, manufacturing & distribution team would realize it in next few days.

Wherever you are, you aren’t far from our distributors, give us a call to know more!

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