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We are a large scale ISO – 9001:2008 certified public listed company with state of art infrastructure to support the market requirements. Our factory has modern imported calendaring lines. We have a well equipped laboratory which meets the testing requirements of BIS and RITES. Marvel manufacture PVC Geomembrane with Vinyl Chloride Resin Polymer. We are the only company with DUN & BRADSTREET registration in our industry.


.Lining of irrigation canals, ponds, lakes & other water bodies.

.Water proofing of underground structure like tunnels, basement and underpass to prevent seepage.

Use of PVC Geomembrane for above applications is an accepted norm worldwide. The special feature of PVC Geomembrane is that it can be used in exposed conditions. It conforms to uneven surface and can be easily repaired. The PVC Geomembrane manufactured by Marvel meets all standard quality parameters and can be a safe and economical option where one would like to conserve the environment.

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